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CMI Accessories


CMI is a national wholesaler of mobile phone accessories to large telco retailers and mobile repair shops including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Why we love it

CMI are the perfect example of a SME that has used automation technology to completely transform their business, from both an operational and financial perspective.

The problem we solved

For flexibility, CMI wanted a way to collect and store credit card and direct debit information of their customers. 

This allowed them to offer 30-day accounts to customers previously on pre-paid, whilst ensuring the current account holders would settle their accounts on the due date to eliminate time spent chasing invoices. 

They used the Xero, Cin7 Core and PencilPay tech stack to make all of this possible.

Firstly, the internal business decision around further improving our internal processes for credit card payment…..specifically around storage of details and automated processing as well as introducing a more automated process for the onboarding of new customers and the re-onboarding of long term customers in an exercise to review credit limits and ensure the most up-to-date customer information was confirmed.

Secondly, it was the approachable nature of the Pencil business and their willingness to assist CMI Accessories and act as a true B2B partner.

At CMI Accessories, our customer on-boarding process was very manual and relied on out-dated practices…....the completion of a paper form. Ultimately, it was time to improve efficiency in dealing with our customers and simply make it easier for our customers to deal with us.

We now have a solution in place that addresses our requirements for today as well as what is required for future business growth and both Tim and Greg have been great to work with and I highly recommend their product and service.


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