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Coffee World


CoffeeWorld are a Coffee Roaster in South Australia. They distribute coffee, chocolate, tea, speciality milk and packaging to  cafe’s pubs, clubs and corporate offices state wide.

Why we love it

In addition to the roasting business, the team at Coffee World are launching a South Australian manufacturing facility to re-create some well known local soft drink brands in 2022.

The problem we solved

Cam Ballard from Coffee World wanted a contracts and payments system that operated the way his business did.  Coffee Roasters have the added complication of  providing machinery equipment built into the price of coffee.

The PencilPay account application software ensures CoffeeWorld can include the equipment, supply term and pricing and credit terms into the one contract.

On top of this, it captures a payment method for  automated billing, which simplifies a complicated business. 

Firstly, I was thrilled to find a privately owned Australian company to replace our previous credit card facilitator on our ‘Pay Now’ invoice option on Xero. The customisable iFrame credit app makes us look slick and professional and works a treat. No more manual credit apps, checking ABNs, manually entering data into Xero – it is all now done seamlessly through Pencil Pay. Helping our customers by setting up automatic payment plans for outstanding amounts, and securing their invoice payments automatically, frees up valuable time for both ourselves and our customers.


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