Online wholesale account applications that get you paid.

Helping product sellers onboard their wholesale customers online with a signed contract and an ongoing payment method.

Why are you still using paper applications?

Paper credit applications put you at risk. Unlike our online solution, paper wholesale application data isn’t validated, so identifying your new customers and their trading history is difficult and time consuming. Information also goes missing, including signatures and depending on your industry, customers are filling in anywhere from 10-100 applications. Lastly, very few of your customers provide a payment method with paper applications. This results in more than half of your payments coming in late... Wouldn't it be easier to take the entire process online and secure a payment method from your customers?

Businesses that trust Pencil

Stacy Visser

The Bean Cartel

“Using Pencil Pay has allowed us to streamline our payments system. We no longer have to charge clients for payment manually. The fact all payments are integrated with XERO, eliminates another process we used to make, when reconciling these transactions. We are also able to pin-point our “trouble clients”, as we are notified of their inability to pay via email in real time.”

David Hamilton Smith

Kombu Kombucha

“Firstly, I was thrilled to find a privately owned Australian company to replace our previous credit card facilitator on our ‘Pay Now’ invoice option on Xero. The customizable iFrame credit app makes us look slick and professional and works a treat. No more manual credit apps, checking ABNs, manually entering data into Xero – it is all now done seamlessly through Pencil Pay.”

Cameron Ballard

Coffee World

“Chasing customers for payment was never something I enjoyed doing. Pencil not only automates this process, It handles credit applications, payments and has the ability to debit customers if they fail to make timely payments, which gives peace of mind. The Pencil team is great, they’re always quick to provide assistance when needed.”

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Integrations for easy data flow

Automated payments

Set your payment and credit terms for each customer individually and store customer payment information to collect payments when their invoice is due.

If your customers are struggling to pay you back in full, you can offer automated payment plans to get money through the door and keep your cash flow strong.


With online account applications, you can verify the company you are dealing with to keep your lending secure. Pencil can check your customers’ credit score, across all suppliers, with up-to-date information from ASIC.