Predictive Trade Credit

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Why use Pencil?

By adding Pencil to your existing accounting software, Pencil customers save time, de-risk and get paid 20% faster.

How it works

Start saving time in three easy steps.


Set Up

In a matter of minutes you can have your own digital credit applications. Your website, your branding & your terms.


Quickly & easily Import your receivables into Pencil to start communicating consistently with your customers.


Eliminate excuses by giving your customers full transparency, reminders and a bunch of easy, flexible ways to pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out a little bit more about how Pencil can help you if you. If you are a Wholesale Supplier or Distributer, check out the FAAQ's below.

We can have you up and going in less than 5 minutes. You can email one of your standard invoices to [email protected] to set up a free trial.

Pencil uploads digital credit application forms to a Supplier or Distributers website in 5 minutes.

Pencil increases the speed to collect cash through a series of communications and easy ways to pay.

  • Trade credit applications.
  • Credit checks and reports.
  • Trade accounts communications.
  • Collections & payment plan management.

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