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Puremedic Health


Puremedic Health are a proudly Australian owned and made manufacturer of pregnancy probiotics. Customers include pharmacies and allied health professionals.

Why we love it

This is a solution to a problem that 25% of Australian Mums suffer from. Mastitis is an infection and inflammation of the breast, which stems from breastfeeding.

The problem we solved

In 2012, Puremedic was launched and grew fast. Growing to 500 stockists on the East Coast of Australia, Puremedic needed to implement systems to keep up with the demands of manufacturing and distribution. 

In concert with Unleashed and Xero, they use PencilPay to shift their credit applications online, to sign-up new and existing pharmacies on 30-day accounts. 

The info from these applications creates the new customer record or populates the existing record in both Unleashed and Xero.

Applications also capture bank or credit card details, which are tokenised and stored for automated billing when invoices become due in 30-days time.

You guys have a great product. Frankly, any company who offers trade credit and does not use a platform like PencilPay is wasting time and money. It’s brilliant. The bank likes it, the accounts people like it, sales team like it and customers like it. It’s a win for everyone.

The reduction of stress and increase in productivity for our accounts team makes the investment worthwhile by itself, let alone the time and cost saving. Frankly, it’s a “no brainer”. The average days outstanding on invoices has dropped by over 8 days in just a few months and that’s a lot of cash in our account a lot sooner. Approving a new customer is quick and easy and the integration of Unleased and Xero with PencilPay is seamless.


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