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The Bean Cartel


The Bean Cartel are a Melbourne based Coffee Roaster whose supply coffee beans, specialist milk, hot chocolate and tea to hundreds of cafe’s Victoria wide.

Why we love it

The owner of the Bean Cartel (Stacy Visser)  works collaboratively to source ethical coffee beans which go into every blend.

The problem we solved

The Bean Cartel were looking for a contract management software that would act as a credit agreement, as well as security agreement for the coffee machine.   

Coffee Roasters have a unique business. They manufacture, distribute and deliver their coffee to a customers doorstep.

To add to this, they often supply the twenty thousand dollar coffee machine, grinders and scales and lastly; there may be 15 different pricing models for a kilo of coffee.

By integrating PencilPay with Xero, the Bean Cartel is able to get a new customer signed up with security over the coffee machine and a credit agreement that includes the equipment list, the pricing model and a payment method.

Tim and Greg have been brilliant in heping us streamline our credit apllications and payment systems. Pencil Pay has allowed us to utilise a system where all our information and data is kept in one place, easily accessible and even easier to use. We love the fact Pencil Pay can take some of our ideas specific to our business and add these functions to an already seemless system. Not many payment companies are able to do this.


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