Grow your business with NetSuite + PencilPay

PencilPay and NetSuite ERP system powers your business growth as your total supply chain order management and inventory control solution.

Grow your business with NetSuite + PencilPay
business software solution

Win more customers. Get paid faster.

Take your wholesale accounts online with the NetSuite + PencilPay integration.

Integrated Features

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Fast Setup

Signup, set up and integrate with NetSuite to be up and rolling in ten minutes.

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Online Credit Applications

Simplify the whole credit application process for trade customers who place wholesale orders. Link directly into your inventory management software.

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Easy for trade customers

Your customers can complete their application in less than 60 seconds. Allowing you to reduce the time to first order and get paid on time; every time.

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Turbocharge Cashflow

Credit forms come with inbuilt billing modules for automated billing on the due date.

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Top Notch Support

We provide as much support as you need; on zoom, live chat or a quick call.

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Powerful Data Flow

Share important financial data in real time between NetSuite and PencilPay.

Are you a NetSuite implementation partner?

We work closely with NetSuite Partners to help your clients add further automation to their business inventory management system.

Our Clients

PencilPay is built for wholesalers and manufacturers. Get rid of the manual processing of credit applications and reduce your average debtor days by up to 50% in 90 days.

Customers that do not pay are an issue for many business owners, particularly if they are given business credit. By getting your credit application right, you may reduce problems with non-paying consumers and make it easier to chase down missing payments. An online credit application form gathers information from your customers to assist you in determining their creditworthiness.

Do you offer business credit to your wholesale customers?

If you operate in the wholesale business-to-business space today it is expected that you will offer your customers business credit or trade terms. What information should you be collecting from these potential customers and how can you leverage a unique NetSuite solution?

Information you should be collecting:

  • Your customer’s business number.
  • The full contact details of the applicant and their authority to enter into the trade account agreement.
  • The trading/billing address and legal entity name.
  • The trading address and delivery address (if you are delivering goods to your customers).
  • An accounts person’s name and email for sending invoices.
  • The trading terms you offer.
  • The minimum and maximum trade credit limit you offer for each trading term.
  • If you are offering terms for 14-days or more we recommend you ask for the director’s details.
  • For 30-days terms or greater we recommend you get a personal guarantee.
  • Taking security for future payment. The secure way is to tokenize the customer’s payment details in your payment gateway and not store this information.
  • Trade references can be optional.
  • Legally binding terms and conditions.

Now that you have the information you should be collecting you need a fast, secure and easy way to manage and store this information and onboard your new and existing customers.

Our all-in-one software solution allows you to integrate PencilPay and NetSuite software into your business management and accounting software tech stack.

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