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For wine and spirit suppliers that trade on 7, 14, or 30-day terms and send out a paper based or PDF application currently, no doubt this slows you down and doesn’t give you the information that you need.


Streamline the process of applying, approving and recovering credit from customers.

Save Time

Save hours per week in back office tasks, data entry, phone calls and reconciling payments.

Faster Payment

Faster orders and payments with more time to focus on growth.

The fastest way to get more of your customers (new and existing) onboarded with a signed contract and an ongoing payment method.

Seamless integrations

Don’t waste time manually transferring data from system to system. Pencil integrates with all the major accounting, inventory and credit platforms. Once a new customer is approved, their records are auto-populated into your accounting and inventory systems, saving you hours.

How Do We Help Wine and Spirit Suppliers?

Wine suppliers displaying wine.

We are white labelled, which gives you a branded application portal, integrated into your website. 

Your Customers use Pencil for applications.

You use it to fast-track credit assessment and approve applications.

Together, the parties can start trading together in a matter of minutes under an agreed, transparent set of terms.

Customers register in 90-seconds and you approve, which triggers the account creation required for ordering, payments, stock management and accounting.

Secure payments before stock is released. Once a sales order or invoice is created, PencilPay can charge the customer account and update an order status to ‘Paid’, clearing stock for delivery or shipping in under 60-seconds.

We provide a ‘no-touch’ solution to manage a variety of trading terms.  All the way from 7-days to 30-days-EOM and anything in between, processing the right amount on the right day is easy with Pencil.

Every payment processed through Pencil is recognised individually but reconciled collectively. So, whether you’re receiving 1 or 100 payments in a day, they can be reconciled in just one click.

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