Waypoint + Pencil

Waypoint helps businesses run more efficiently by bringing new processes and technology together, to create a better way of working.

The only way to do this is understanding clients on a deeper level. That means asking lots of questions, listening and understanding how you work.

Ultimately, that means caring for your business as if it was their own.

What Suppliers Say About Pencil

Features & Benefits


Pencil is a white labelled credit application portal that carries your brand and integrates into your website.

Customer Experience

Trade customers simply click apply now, enter their ABN and hit “GO”. This kicks-off a 90-second onboarding process that speeds up the time to first order.

Credit Management

When applications are complete, perform a quick credit or cash flow check before you approve or reject. You should know who to give credit to, how much and for how long?

Operational Efficiencies

Once you approve a new account, payment details are tokenised and customer records auto-populate into your inventory and your accounting software, eliminating double data-entry.

Account Efficiencies

Multi-invoice payment plans, credit monitoring and partial payments are coupled with our industry leading clearing account and reconciliation feature.

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