Get your customers to pay multiple outstanding invoices in Xero in one click and reduce your receivables 💸

Product suppliers that use the Xero x Pencil integration see a significant reduction in receivables in 60 days   – See how it works in the video below 👀 ⤵

Want to get more of your invoices paid on time?

Integration with Xero

By integrating PencilPay into your Xero account, your customer data will seamlessly flow from Xero to PencilPay and then into your other systems, such as your e-commerce and/or inventory system.

This seamless flow saves you hours each day, removing double handling and gives you time to focus on the things that matter.

Get more of your invoices paid on time

PencilPay gives your customers an easy way to view and pay for all their outstanding invoices inside of Xero.

When you send an invoice to your customers in Xero, all the outstanding invoices are shown to grab your customers attention and pay multiple/all of the outstanding invoices issued to them. 

Reducing your recivables dramatically.

One click reconciliation

Reconciliation is a painful process and can be extremely time-consuming.

By integrating PencilPay, you can package all your invoices together each day and reconcile them all in just one click.

Spend less time on unnecessary admin tasks and focus on growth.

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