Deposits and Prepayments

Customised deposits and accept prepayments quicker and easier with no manual headaches.

Accept faster payments for orders placed offline

Accept flexible deposits

Collect customisable deposits directly from quotes or orders, choosing the percentage that suits your business needs.

For offline ordering

Automatically collect payment in seconds for orders placed with a sales rep or over the phone.

Efficient bank reconciliation

Simplify reconciliation with automated matching of payments with your ERP, accounting or inventory systems.

Multiple payment methods

Offer customers secure online options like direct debit, ACH and credit cards for added convenience.

Simplify deposits & prepayments today

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Get paid faster with less effort

Accept deposits at the quote or order stage, ensuring funds to secure an order or begin production.

Efficiency boost

Cut the hassle of manual deposit management to secure fast prepayments.

Accuracy improvement

Avoid human error and experience easier deposit tracking, improving accuracy and saving time.

Get prepaid orders out the door in 5 minutes

Swiftly manage orders, charge customers, pick, pack and ship in five minutes or less for orders taken by a sales rep, over the phone or by email.

Quick order fulfillment

Take payment from a stored billing method to speed up fulfilment.

Maintain cash flow

Start your new customers on payment before dispatch before you offer them terms to maximise cashflow

Faster settlements

Stop waiting 3 days for credit card payments to settle. Funds from credit card transactions are in your account within 24-hours.