Easy wholesale onboarding

Make your credit application process a breeze with PencilPay’s simple online platform. Speed up approvals effortlessly.

Our Service

Quick credit apps and risk management

Fast onboarding

No more paperwork or complicated forms. PencilPay makes it easy for product sellers to offer customers a speedy digital credit application.

Real-time risk check

PencilPay's platform quickly checks customer details, reducing the risk of unreliable clients. Get instant ABN checks and company info.

Efficiency boost

Speed up credit approvals with automated workflows and preset trading terms. Approvals happen in no time.

Great customer experience

Customers love the convenience of our modern digital process. Show them you're committed to a smooth partnership.

Simplify payments and onboarding with PencilPay today!

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Integrated payments module

PencilPay’s Integrated Payments Module simplifies collecting and storing customer payment methods. Say goodbye to manual payment hassles.

Automation made easy

Streamline recurring payments, ensuring on-time settlements without manual data entry.

PCI compliance

We follow PCI DSS, the global payment standard for VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and Diners Club, plus BECS, the Australian banking standard for Direct Debit.

Credit risk management

Evaluate customer creditworthiness for smart decisions.

Risk mitigation

Limit the risk of non-payment by identifying potential red flags in your customers’ financial history.

Confident decisions

Access comprehensive credit data for confidently extending credit to customers meeting your criteria.

Common FAQs

PencilPay is an ideal solution for businesses who sell goods on payment terms (7, 14, 30-days) and deal with a large volume of wholesale accounts. If you onboard new customers regularly, process frequent orders, and have challenges with manual credit applications, onboarding, risk management, and collections, PencilPay offers a seamless integration to revolutionize your credit management processes.

PencilPay prioritizes the security of customer data. We employ robust encryption and secure transmission protocols to protect sensitive payment information. By storing payment methods securely, you can offer their customers a convenient and safe payment experience.

Yes, PencilPay streamlines bank reconciliation by providing 1-click reconciliation for multiple daily invoices. This feature saves valuable time and effort for your team, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of the business.