Inventory Management Risks: How They Affect Your Business

December 1, 2021Inventory

Businesses make significant investments into their inventory to keep the engine of their business running. However, holding inventory comes with risks and these risks can negatively affect your company’s operations, customer satisfaction and even your bottom line. Business owners must invest time and energy into reducing the risks associated with carrying inventory stock. 1: Inaccurate …

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Taking deposits on DEAR Systems

November 26, 2021Cash Flow , Partners

DEAR Systems has made significant updates to their platform in 2021. Their core product is better, faster and has focussed on building unique ways for product sellers to grow in a 2021 world. An area where functionality has expanded has been payments, having launched  DEAR payments in addition to partnering with 5 other payment services …

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PencilPay joins the IBA

November 23, 2021Breweries , Media

Melbourne, Victoria: Fast-growing software start-up PencilPay today announced that they are the newest Associate Member of the Independent Brewers Association. This membership will assist PencilPay to create a link to government agencies, industry, trade and international counterparts to represent the interests of Australian independent brewers. Tim Demetriou, CEO of PencilPay commented that: “Working with 15 …

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How to Maintain Cash Flow With Payment Plans

November 19, 2021Cash Flow , Late Payments

82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow. Most of these businesses are wholesale/suppliers who offer their goods on trade credit. Why do they fail? Late payments. You probably already knew this. You’re in the game yourself and face these problems on a regular basis. Late payments are a large problem for small to …

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Implementing the Xero Pay Now button with Pencil Pay

October 27, 2021Uncategorized

Setting up your Xero Pay Now button is easy. You’ve done all the hard work by winning clients, doing the work and sending them an invoice with your accounting software like Xero. From here you think it would get easier. Yet, more than 50% of all invoices are paid late and 4% are not paid …

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direct debit being used online.

The Benefits Of Direct Debit For Your Business

September 28, 2021Late Payments

Getting paid on time should be simple, but sadly, a lot of businesses that release stock on credit are left out in the cold waiting for their payment to come in for weeks. In a recent study on 150,000 small Australian businesses, 53% of all invoices sent were paid late by an average of 23 …

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People drinking beer and wearing VR headsets.

BrewTech: The best tech stack for Breweries & Distilleries

September 13, 2021Breweries

Brewing the best beer, gin, whisky, vodka or kombucha is an art and brewers work on their recipes for years before they have something worthy of the general public. This being said, it’s still the easy part. Just to complicate things, add the following: – brewing in large volumes; – branding & marketing; – bottling …

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How To Price Your Wholesale Products

September 10, 2021Inventory

How To Price Products for Wholesale It’s an exciting time when you are finally ready to launch your new product. But the question is, how much do you sell your product for? This might seem like an easy question to answer. But if your pricing is off, potential customers could view you as a cheaper, …

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Man sorting through his inventory stock levels.

How Inventory Management Affects Cash Flow

September 1, 2021Cash Flow , Inventory

Cash flow is key to the success of every business. Poor inventory management can negatively affect your cash flow, the overall productivity of your business, and your bottom line. But if you’re a growing company, you may not realise just how much a solid inventory management system can improve your cash flow.   How cloud …

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