paper work being sorted for the accounts receivable process.

5 steps to improve your accounts receivable process

May 11, 2021Invoicing

Running a business means constantly shifting focus – you’re so busy in the day-to-day, that it can be hard to keep track of all the moving parts. Pencil, on the other hand, is in a unique position. We have a birds eye view of the businesses we work with, which gives us special insight into …

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invoice reminder on a computer screen.

The Template to Get Paid Faster: Invoice Reminders

May 6, 2021Late Payments

If your overdue invoices are building up, no doubt you have looked at ways of automating the process using some type of reminder process. This most likely has been out of your accounting software; however you may not have turned them on as they don’t provide the right solution for you and your customers. Done …

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supplier hopping blog image

The Impact Of Supplier Hopping

April 26, 2021Cash Flow

When buyers purchase goods on trade accounts there is always a risk that buyers will take their stock and run. This is called supplier hopping. The way it works is: A buyer signs up with a supplier and orders some stock on credit. The stock is delivered and an invoice is raised. The buyer ignores …

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Can you locate your credit application blog image.

Can you locate your credit applications?

April 21, 2021Cash Flow

Does this sound like you? You give your customers payment terms or trade credit. Part of the process is for a buyer to complete a credit application. Your credit application is in PDF or paper form. You send it off to new buyers in the hope that it will come back quickly. Same day completion …

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Man reviewing his credit applications on paper.

Do Credit Agreements Mean Anything?

March 22, 2021Late Payments

Does the following sound like you? Your credit agreements have evolved over time from a word doc to a PDF that needs to be printed off, filled in, signed and scanned back. Your customers are still printing, filling-in, signing, scanning and sending back incomplete credit apps. Missing information is just part of the process. If …

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Giovani and Ellie from Sourci participating in the Pencil podcast.

Mouthing Manufacturing | Tim Demetriou, Giovani Pino & Ellie Vaisman

September 4, 2020Podcast

Episode 2: Part 1 Mouthing Manufacturing | Tim Demetriou, Giovanni Pino and Ellie VasimanWatch this video on YouTube Episode 2: Part 2 Mouthing Manufacturing | Tim Demetriou, Giovanni Pino and Ellie Vasiman | Part 2Watch this video on YouTube Episode 2: Part 3 Mouthing Manufacturing | Tim Demetriou, Giovanni Pino and Ellie Vasiman Part 3Watch …

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Case study: Dave From Ewash

July 16, 2020Case Studies

Ewash Testimonial – Pencil PayWatch this video on YouTube Dave is one of Pencils first customers. He has been great to work with and has seen some amazing benefits while using our software. Here is what he has to say about his experience. What challenges were you facing before using Pencil? We were having lots …

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