How to write a letter of demand (Template Included)

August 2, 2021Invoicing , Late Payments

A powerful addition to your collections toolkit is having a demand letter. This comes into play when you have tried everything to receive a payment from your customer/s. A letter of demand, also known as a dunning letter or debt collection letter, helps your B2B customers know that there are consequences for paying you late. …

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5 Steps To Help SMEs Manage Credit Risk

July 26, 2021Cash Flow , Late Payments

In industries, such as wholesale and distribution, credit is seen as a necessity when doing business. Credit offers you a way to sell more to your customers and grow faster. However, sending out goods before receiving payment has it’s risks. It leaves you open to late payments, and in some cases, no payment at all. …

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The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices

July 16, 2021Cash Flow , Invoicing

The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices Reconciling your customers invoices is an important step in your accounting process. Not paying proper attention to this can not only cost your business revenue, but also affect the relationship of those you do business with. Shockingly, a large number of small businesses and SMEs skip this step. Whether …

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Sale Of The Brewery

July 6, 2021Uncategorized

Sale Of The Brewery So you’ve been testing, trialling, making and selling your beer for years, sometimes decades. With countless hours in loud, cold rooms surrounded by steel vats, sometimes you might wonder “what’s it’s all for?” This article is intended to help you think about the pro’s and con’s of selling your Craft Brewery …

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