5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships

May 4, 2022Cash Flow , Invoicing

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships Business-to-business relationships often require good faith arrangements. Due to a lack of up-front funds, suppliers like you must extend trade credit to maintain B2B partnerships. However, when you enter into trade credit agreements, you place yourself in a vulnerable position. With too few regulations and security measures, these …

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3 Ways To Reduce Risk When Supplying Goods On Terms

April 12, 2022Late Payments

If your business is a small- to mid-size Australian supplier, you likely have specific questions about trade credit risk. It is common practice in business-to-business relationships to provide trade credit, but this mode of operation may put the supplier at a disadvantage. Will the buyer honour the B2B relationship and pay on time, or will …

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3 DEAR Systems Facts for the Business Owner or Manager

April 5, 2022Inventory

Business owners and individuals who are in charge of managing the enterprise’s day-to-day accounts can often find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of information they oversee and the scant resources they have to control it. Spreadsheets and other manual forms of entry can fail because of their propensity for human error. The solution …

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12 Business Benefits of Using B2B Technology

March 30, 2022Cash Flow

Companies in the business-to-business space have historically been slower to embrace new technologies than companies in other sectors. Embracing new B2B technology can give you a competitive edge and improve almost every aspect of your business.   Benefits of Using B2B Technology By implementing B2B technology into your business, you may see a number of …

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