Seamless integration with Cin7 Core & PencilPay

Easily accept payments at any stage and onboard new wholesale accounts into Cin7 with digital credit applications, automated billing and multi-channel payment collection in one place.

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Integrated features

Top notch support

We offer comprehensive assistance integrating PencilPay with Cin7 and your accounting software and provide support via Zoom, live chat, or phone.

Fast customer onboarding

Streamline customer data verification and transfer into Cin7 and your accounting system through tailored forms, accelerating time-to-first-order.

Swift data sync

Seamless three-way data sync among PencilPay, Cin7, and your accounting software from customer updates and payments.

Safeguard inventory

Securely capture and retain bank or credit card information during onboarding to enable automatic charges on the due date.

Reduce outstanding receivables

Tailor invoice reminder processes and consolidate multiple invoices into structured payment plans.

One-Click payment for quotes & invoices

Simplify the collection and reconciliation of partial deposits from quotes, and streamline payments from orders and invoices.

Explore The Amazing Features

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Our Cin7 partners

If you are looking for an implementation partner for PencilPay, search our partners below.

Integration Kings

IntegrationKings is a business systems consultancy that provides cloud integration solutions for small to medium businesses. Their trusted advisors look at all aspects of your business operations, and implement processes and cloud-based systems that work harmoniously.

SMB Consultants

SMB Consultants set themselves apart as advisors in the digital ecosystem because they understand the nuances of inventory management. There’s no one-size-fits-all. They take pride in our advisory approach, dedicating time to truly understand, strategize, and support small to medium businesses. Specializing in retail, manufacturing, and wholesale, they go beyond just plugging in apps — they craft end-to-end solutions that serve as the backbone for business growth and digital transformation. With SMB, companies aren’t just adopting new software; they’re embracing a smarter way to do business.

Business Continuum

Business Continuum are software solution specialists who implement and connect cloud software to streamline your business’s operations — so you and your team can work smarter, faster and get better results. Make your tech talk with Business Continuum: the cloud integration and solution experts


Waypoint help businesses run more efficiently. They bring new processes and technology together to create a better way of working. They do this by getting to know their clients business on a deep level.


BlueRock harnesses the power of digital to create operational efficiencies and drive meaningful growth for businesses. They are a Melbourne-based digital agency and consultancy that specialises in intelligent digital strategy, development, systems consulting, design and marketing. 

Hawk Cloud Consulting

Hawk Cloud Consulting aim to work closely with small to medium inventory-based businesses and manufacturing businesses looking to remove bottlenecks, to rectify business pain points to enable more efficient and automated backend processes which will allow growth and scalability.

Ledger Gurus

Specialized in helping you with your e-commerce accounting needs, Ledger Gurus handles areas such as inventory and COGS, online sales tax, and sales channel bookkeeping. Ledger Gurus combines accounting expertise with the best technology to provide businesses with accurate financials.