How to connect your MYOB account to Pencil

April 21, 2020MYOB

How to connect your MYOB account to Pencil Go to click on the LOGIN button top right on the home page Log in with your Supplier login On the Left-hand side of the click on the “Integrations” tab Select the software in which the Supplier has Click on the MYOB integration tile: Click on …

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The stock market crashing.

Keep cool in this climate (feedback wanted)

March 23, 2020Uncategorized

Keep cool in this climate (feedback wanted) Business advisors have been put through the ringer over the last couple of weeks. If you’ve been fielding “the world is ending” calls, you know who is keeping cool & who needs to acclimatize. Customers keeping cool will innovate and be nimble. They will look for growth opportunities …

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Paperwork showing a high credit score of 890.

Most Business Owners Fail To Check Their Credit Health

November 27, 2019Late Payments

How to maintain a healthy credit score For business owners who are looking to obtain a loan for their small businesses, checking your business credit score is a critical step in this process. Here is why. When you apply for a business loan, the lenders take a number of different factors into consideration, this most …

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Tradesman taking a quote over the phone.

How To Create A Trade Quote On The Go

November 8, 2019Subcontractors & Tradesmen

How to create a trade quote on the go As a tradie, writing up quotes is essential to keeping up your workflow. However, writing up costs and summing up quotes is incredibly time-consuming and is almost another job in itself. The trick to making your trades business run smoothly is to be able to generate …

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A vineyard growing grapes for a wine distributor.

Government Intervention in Wine Production

October 24, 2019Media , Wine Merchants

Government intervention in wine production Do you want the government controlling your business dealings? Stemming from an 18-month investigation, the ACCC has now published their findings into quality & payment issues regarding grape and wine producers. Wine Making & Testing Methods There is a recommendation that all winemakers must follow the same methods for testing …

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A man holding cash in his hand.

Client Not Paying Your Invoice? Here’s What To Do.

October 21, 2019Late Payments

If Your Client Is Not Paying You, Here’s What To Do Collecting payment on a job/project you have worked on can be a difficult task at times. However, most of the time these delays happen because of simple misunderstandings and poor communication. A quick phone call can clear these things up. Although sometimes a phone …

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