The new NetSuite integration for manufacturers and Wholesalers

The new NetSuite Integration for Manufacturers and Wholesales that’s making waves.

May 23, 2022NetSuite , PencilPay Integrations

The new integration changing the way that NetSuite Wholesalers and Manufacturers look at wholesale trade accounts. Now more than ever, wholesalers and manufacturers need to get the most out of their ERP systems. Over the last 24 months, the trade that happens between wholesalers/manufacturers and their trade customers has gone through one of the most …

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PencilPay's Product Hub Podcast episode with Tom Wood from Mismatch Brewing

Ep 6 – Tom Wood – Mismatch Brewing Co

May 6, 2022Podcast

Tom Wood – Mismatch Brewing Co | Today’s guest is Tom Wood, the head brewer at Mismatch Brewing, a brewery nestled in the Adelaide Hills region that has recently joined the Mighty Craft family. We chat about Tom’s career so far, from an assistant brewer at a small craft brewery to much more responsibility …

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5 ways to improve your B2B Relationships

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships

May 4, 2022Cash Flow , Invoicing

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships Business-to-business relationships often require good faith arrangements. Due to a lack of up-front funds, suppliers like you must extend trade credit to maintain B2B partnerships. However, when you enter into trade credit agreements, you place yourself in a vulnerable position. With too few regulations and security measures, these …

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PencilPay's Product Hub Podcast episode with Ben Twomey from Southern Highlands Brewing Co

Ep 5 – Ben Twomey – Southern Highlands Brewing Co

April 27, 2022Podcast

Ben Twomey – Southern Highlands Brewing Co | Ben Twomey is the founder of Southern Highlands Brewing, a rural brewery located between Sydney and Canberra. We have an interesting chat about how short-term pain in the pandemic has turned into a net benefit with the mass exodus from the major cities. We explore how …

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Understanding Trade Credit And How To Reduce Risk

3 Ways To Reduce Risk When Supplying Goods On Terms

April 12, 2022Late Payments

If your business is a small- to mid-size Australian supplier, you likely have specific questions about trade credit risk. It is common practice in business-to-business relationships to provide trade credit, but this mode of operation may put the supplier at a disadvantage. Will the buyer honour the B2B relationship and pay on time, or will …

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