Alti Lighting’s Transformation with PencilPay: Streamlining Payments

In 2000, Todd Miller established Alti Lighting, a renowned lighting consultant, importer, and retailer catering to a diverse customer base, including consumers, electricians, architects, and builders.

However, the fragmented nature of payments posed a significant challenge for Todd, prompting him to seek an innovative solution.

In this article, we delve into Todd’s journey and explore how PencilPay’s platform revolutionized his payment processes, providing numerous benefits and streamlining operations at Alti Lighting.

Embracing Technological Advancements

At Alti Lighting, Todd prioritized leveraging technology to enhance operations.

He highlighted the implementation of CIN7 Core, a comprehensive software system that facilitated the entire sales order management process.

By integrating PencilPay with CIN7 Core and Xero, Todd achieved seamless management of deposits, prepayments, and online portal payments, ensuring a smooth flow of financial transactions.

Harnessing the Power of PencilPay’s Deposits Feature

One of the standout features that Alti Lighting heavily relied upon was PencilPay’s deposits functionality.

Todd emphasized their practice of including PencilPay links on all quotations, enabling customers to conveniently make deposit payments through the PencilPay portal.

Upon receiving a prepayment, Alti Lighting would receive an email notification, triggering an automated alert for the relevant sales staff member.

This streamlined process facilitated efficient communication and accurate tracking of deposit payments.


Benefits of PencilPay’s Payment Methods

Todd underscored the exceptional benefits of using PencilPay’s payment methods, particularly in terms of reconciliation.

PencilPay seamlessly integrated payment data into Alti Lighting’s accounting system, Xero, recognizing it as electronic clearing or deposit payments.

With minimal reconciliation efforts and swift matching through Cin7 Core, Alti Lighting enjoyed a hassle-free payment management experience.

Enhanced Efficiency and Error Minimization

Todd emphasized that PencilPay significantly reduced the likelihood of payment errors encountered when processing payments manually or through traditional methods.

By utilizing PencilPay’s streamlined platform, Alti Lighting eliminated potential mistakes, ensuring accuracy and providing peace of mind.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Based on his positive experience, Todd wholeheartedly recommends PencilPay to other companies, particularly those struggling with timing constraints and manual processing of deposit payments.

The user-friendly nature, reliability, and error-free functionality of the platform make it an ideal solution for businesses seeking efficient payment processing.

In conclusion, Todd Miller’s success story with PencilPay showcases how the platform can help streamline payment processes, simplify reconciliation, and enhance overall financial management.

By embracing PencilPay’s innovative features, businesses can enjoy seamless payment experiences, improved efficiency, and reduced potential for errors.

If you’re seeking a reliable and user-friendly payment solution to optimize your financial processes, take inspiration from Todd’s experience and explore the benefits of PencilPay for your business today.