Buy On Account

Our Buy On Account feature lets your wholesale customers purchase goods from your e-commerce store with trade credit. A true B2C experience for your B2B customers.

Shifting B2B wholesale ordering to the B2C experience

Accounts staff and sales reps spend hours taking orders and chasing payments from their wholesale customers.

Our buy-on-account feature solves this problem and gives B2B wholesale customers the ability to order and purchase just like a B2C customer would.

This feature gives your customers the ability to order for themselves without the need to spend time on your end taking orders.

Your wholesale customer can simply create a customer account, get approval for a credit limit and begin ordering online.

The customer can now go to your checkout page and choose to pay instantly with a Credit Card or use the credit you have approved for them.

Over 3000 Australian SME’s pay, or get paid through Pencil.

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