Enhancing Data Security and Customer Onboarding in NetSuite

Netsuite is a system with numerous applications and offerings, but its effectiveness is limited by the quality of data entered into it.

In this article, we will explore the importance of accurate customer data in NetSuite and how PencilPay can address common challenges in data quality and customer onboarding.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Impact of Data Quality

The quality of data entered into a CRM system directly affects the quality of insights and outcomes generated from that system.

Inaccurate or incomplete customer data leads to flawed customer profiles, incorrect insights, and ineffective decision-making.

It is crucial to ensure accuracy and completeness when collecting and entering customer data in NetSuite.


Streamlining Customer Onboarding and Data Entry

One notable absence in the NetSuite app store is a dedicated solution for onboarding new customers.

Manual data entry and the potential for human error can be time-consuming and hinder efficiency.

Without the right company and director information from the start, it becomes challenging to cross-reference against publicly available records and perform necessary checks.


Bridging the Gap: Treating Wholesalers as Credit Providers

A significant structural issue exists when it comes to B2B wholesalers and suppliers acting as credit providers.

While they offer terms, they often lack the tools and processes to properly identify borrowers, assess creditworthiness, and establish contractual agreements and repayment methods during onboarding.

PencilPay addresses this gap by providing credit provider functionality within NetSuite.


The Benefits of Effective Customer Onboarding

Suppliers who successfully onboard customers, ensuring signed contracts and established payment methods, experience significant benefits.

These include a 60% reduction in average debtor days, a 70% reduction in total overdue invoices within 30 days, and less than 0.5% bad debt.

PencilPay empowers NetSuite users with the tools to achieve these outcomes and optimize their credit management processes.



Accurate data and seamless customer onboarding are critical for maximizing the potential of NetSuite.

PencilPay offers a comprehensive solution that addresses data quality challenges, streamlines customer onboarding, and provides credit provider functionality within the NetSuite environment.

By leveraging PencilPay, businesses can enhance their credit management processes, reduce risks, and improve overall financial performance.