How to Utilize Unleashed Software to Its Full Potential

When the consumer market shifted in favour of e-commerce, B2B wholesale followed.

The world moved under our feet, and suddenly those .pdf forms and purchase order books weren’t getting the job done fast enough.

After looking into SaaS options for inventory management, you may have found yourself lost in business intelligence tools and key metrics.

Use these three tips to get the most out of Unleashed software and bring your inventory management into the modern age.

Use the Unleashed Software Mobile App

One key advantage of having a platform like Unleashed is that you can access your inventory from any device. Leverage this in your organization.

Everyone can be granted mobile access to your Unleashed account with any service plan, but this is especially useful for your B2B outside salespeople, who can arrange orders and check inventory on the fly from their phones.

Backorders, drafts, and purchase history are all listed here.

Take advantage of offline mode to draft sales for customers outside of your mobile service range and sync their orders at your next convenience.

Use the Unleashed Software Academy

We can’t all be data analysts, but you do not have to use your inventory management software in the dark.

All good software comes with documentation; your Unleashed software account comes with a full library of training videos.

Wholesalers might find special value in the videos on automating freight charges and loyalty discounts for batched and individual B2B orders.

Further sections demonstrate how to adjust for multi-warehouse sourcing, multiple currencies, bulk orders, and automised payments.

Once you get going, account managers can have more granular control over their book inventory than ever before.


Use the Unleashed Software API

Of course, great control over inventory won’t help much without control over payments and finances.

You don’t need to waste time porting customer credit information between your spreadsheets and your inventory management system.

Instead, use the Unleashed software API to connect services you may already be using to your new inventory system.

At Pencil One, we have a ready-made plugin connecting to Unleashed so that your sales team can run credit applications and set up recurring charges with buyers.

They can help you onboard and then monitor your customers as well as receive payments and keep your accounts reconciled.

This keeps you from needing to move between services to arrange payment accounts, with the bonus effect of regulating your credited accounts and keeping purchases current.

Coordinate With PencilPay

Your needs and opportunities are varied, and your SME has never been so in demand.

In the digitized business world, success depends on how well you leverage your services and assets.

Unleashed software can do so much more than help you manage your inventory, and Pencil One can help your enterprise use all of its resources to succeed in the modern B2B landscape.

Don’t miss out on key features of your business intelligence system.

If you haven’t upgraded your SaaS yet, enhance your experience by contacting us to help you set up your new streamlined inventory management solution.