Business Pencil Score

Know who to give trade credit to, how much and for how long with the Pencil Score.

Know who to give trade credit to, how much and for how long.

If you perform credit checks often, the Pencil Score is an additional layer of information to add to your toolkit when making credit decisions.

The Pencil Score is a predictive trade credit score showing the likeliness of a customer paying you on time.

We utilise machine learning technology to assess companies payment activities to give you a score between 1-1000. 1000 being the best score.

This helps you discover if a business that wants to buy from you is a creditworthy customer.

Pencil Score Information

The Pencil Score is for all businesses who supply goods or services on trade credit.  

The score is viewed in your dashboard of all your onboarded customers, giving you a centralised view to make better decisions.

Pencil Score History

View the change in your customers Pencil Score over-time to see how they are tracking with their payment not only to you but to other suppliers. 

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