Streamlining Payments for Packaging Suppliers: PencilPay’s Solution

In the fast-paced world of packaging sales, managing a mix of pre-payments and payment terms can be challenging.

While catering to the diverse needs of your customers is essential, the process of handling both payment methods simultaneously can become a time-consuming and inefficient endeavor.

If you’re a packaging supplier seeking a seamless solution to manage your payments, look no further than PencilPay.


Unlocking Efficiency in Packaging Sales

Packaging suppliers often find themselves juggling between pre-payments and payment terms, which can lead to operational inefficiencies.

Many resort to traditional methods like using EFTPOS machines for card payments, manual reconciliation, and chasing overdue payments, consuming a bunch of time and resources.

This is where PencilPay steps in to change the way you get paid.


How PencilPay Transforms Your Packaging Sales

Unified Payment Processing: PencilPay simplifies the complexity of managing pre-payments and payment terms by offering a unified platform.

Say goodbye to EFTPOS machines and disjointed payment methods. With PencilPay, you can process card payments seamlessly, whether they are prepaid or postpaid.

Automated Reconciliation: Manual reconciliation can be a time-intensive task, especially when dealing with a high volume of transactions.

PencilPay automates the reconciliation process, helping you save valuable hours each week. No more sifting through spreadsheets and bank statements; PencilPay takes care of it all.

Effortless Payment Tracking: Chasing overdue payments can strain your resources and hinder your business’s growth.

PencilPay ensures that payments are processed on time, significantly reducing the need for follow-ups. This allows you to focus on what you do best – serving your customers.


Real-World Results

PencilPay has already made a substantial impact on numerous packaging businesses.

For instance, Byar’s Packaging, a high-volume packaging supplier, integrated PencilPay into their operations and experienced remarkable results. 

You can check our their success story here

By streamlining their payment processes, they saved an impressive 15 hours per week previously spent on processing and reconciling prepaid and postpaid transactions.



In the competitive landscape of packaging sales, efficiency is key to staying ahead.

PencilPay empowers packaging suppliers by providing a unified payment processing solution, automating reconciliation, and ensuring timely payments.

Experience the transformation for yourself, and say goodbye to the complexities of managing pre-payments and payment terms.

Join the growing community of businesses benefiting from PencilPay and unlock a new era of efficiency in your packaging sales.