One-Click Credit Checks

PencilPay’s platform gives you an open view of all your customers who have signed up to purchase goods from you.

Before you begin to trade, use our Credit Check feature to make sure you give the appropriate net terms before you begin trading.

Equifax Credit Checks

When new customers signs up for net terms through PencilPay, they will appear on your dashboard for review.

Before you begin trading with them, you can perform a one-click Credit Check to see their credit score, and if they have outstandings with any other companies.

You can also dive deeper by viewing your customers in the PencilPay platform and clicking the Equifax button to purchase an instant credit check.

Assessing your customer’s credit score and history will give you an indication of whether they’re a good payer or if they are actively supplier hopping.

This information is vital to determine if you should extend credit to them.

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