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Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ's

We know that transitioning to a new system can raise some questions, and we’re here to provide clarity.

By automating your application process, you’ll onboard and process customers faster, especially with the added benefit of storing billing methods. The more customers you have signed up, the more on-time payments you receive. This naturally reduces average debtor days and total debtors, ultimately improving your cash flow.

Pencil provides comprehensive support for setting up and managing customers who purchase on account. Our services include one-on-one support, free training sessions via Zoom, phone assistance, and live chat support. Additionally, we offer industry-specialist terms and conditions and a structured approach to managing different customer types and risk profiles.

We can assist you in setting up PencilPay quickly. In just 20-30 minutes via a Zoom call, we’ll help you start signing up customers, processing payments, and integrating your accounting, inventory, and ERP systems. You’ll have your credit application forms live and your first payment processed efficiently.