Online Wholesale Account Applications

Remove your manual, paper-based processes. In 60-seconds customers can complete an online credit application with a saved payment method. (Direct Debit or Credit Card)

Start with an ABN

Your customer onboarding begins with them entering their business number and clicking SEARCH. 

PencilPay populates its form with information pulled from government databases.

This saves them time and populates the correct information into your credit forms.

Director Information

To understand who you are doing business with, you can ask request director information.

Your customer can easily fill in their name, email, and state; as well as provide identification, like a driver’s license if required. 

They then simply select their trading term, and the trade credit limit amount they require and fill out their company information.

Collect a payment method

The final part of the process your customer will either choose direct debit or put in their credit card details. This information is securely stored and tokenised for your protection.

Once you start doing business you can use the saved payment method to auto charge your customers on the due date or as per your settings.

Over 3000 businesses worldwide pay, or get paid through Pencil.