Pencil for Xero

When you give trade credit to your customers, getting paid on time is the hardest part.

Our Xero integration ensures fast contracts, fast onboarding and faster payments.

What Pencil for Xero can do for your business

Save time

New customer data flows into Xero securely, eliminating data entry.

Stop chasing invoices

Automated invoice reminders flow out of Xero into your customers SMS or email inbox. Automation removes phone calls, excuses & lengthy reconciliations.

Easy cash flow management

Offer your customers self-service payment plans & partial payments to regulate their cash flow and ensure you collect every time.

About Xero

Get a real-time view of your cash flow

Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cash flow. It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

Run your business on the go

Use a mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere.

Get paid faster with online invoicing

Send online invoices to your customers – and get updated when they’re opened.

Reconcile in seconds

Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.

See how it works

Get started with Pencil for Xero in 4 quick steps

Step 1

Get started in under a minute! Connect Pencil to Xero by simply selecting the “Integration” section located on the left menu of your Pencil account and then select “Xero”.

Step 2

Once you have selected Xero in the Integrations menu, simply click on “Get Started”.

Step 3

Select the organisation that you wish to integrate with Pencil. Then simply click “Connect”.

Step 4

Select your bank account, if you don’t have one you can click on the “+” icon and follow the steps.

Next select which account you would like to reconcile the Pencil transaction fees to. If you don’t have one you can click on the “+” icon and follow the steps. 

Select the Sales account you would like to link if you manually import invoices in via Pencil.

Connect today, take payments right away

Our Xero integration is free – no set up costs, no monthly fees and no hidden charges.