Best Accounting Software That Integrates With MYOB App

Best Accounting Software That Integrates With MYOB App

A large number of small businesses fail within the first few years of business.

There are many reasons startups fail, but one of the most prevalent is simply because they run out of cash. As a small business owner, it’s essential to make sure your cash flow is healthy and your finances are closely monitored and managed.

Some business owners turn to the MYOB app to help them in this endeavor.

Since many small- and medium-sized enterprises have limited budgets and personnel, it’s common for business owners to look for accounting software that can help them stay on top of their professional finances.

The MYOB app is one such app that helps businesses manage their payroll, accounting, retail point of sale, payments, and more.

Review the Software That Integrates With MYOB App

MYOB is great on its own, but like many other apps, it can be made even better by integrating other types of accounting software with it.

Here are some of the top accounting software names that you can integrate with your MYOB app for even more control over your professional finances.


PencilPay is a digital platform that makes it easier than ever before for suppliers to manage their trade credit.

Since providing buyers with credit is a very common practice amongst businesses of all sizes, it’s important to know how to minimise risks by assessing a buyer’s credit score before extending credit.

PencilPay doesn’t just assess credit scores, though. It also combines invoicing, collection, lending and reconciliation modules into one user-friendly interface.

This type of software is very important for keeping risks at a minimum when extending trade credit. PencilPay integrates seamlessly with the MYOB app.


Quicken is another type of software that integrates with MYOB.

Quicken is a personal finance management tool that can help businesses manage their investments, expenses, bills and more. With Quicken, you can create a comprehensive budget to support your operations.

Retail Manager

Another app that can be integrated with the MYOB app is Retail Manager, which is a point of sale app that can help you run your wholesale or retail business.

This app makes it easy to run day-to-day operations and keep track of your inventory and POS software.


The ACCPAC Accounting System provides user-friendly business management tools for corporate accounting responsibilities.

The acronym ACCPAC stans for A Complete and Comprehensive Program for Accounting Control.

This program integrates with the MYOB app to help small and mid-sized businesses reduce their costs and keep track of their finances.

Find the Right Accounting Software To Integrate With MYOB App

If you aren’t sure what type of accounting software you need to keep your business finances in check, that’s to be expected.

With so many great options out there, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed about which option you should choose.

If you’re looking for software that integrates seamlessly with the MYOB app and helps you analyse credit risk and collect on outstanding invoices, you can’t go wrong with PencilPay.

Contact us today to learn more about this user-friendly financial app and how it can benefit your enterprise.