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Kombu Kombucha


Kombu is an Australia owned and made producer of handcrafted Kombucha. They distribute Kombucha to hospitality, supermarkets and convenience.

Why we love it

The team at Kombu Kombucha have built their product with the health of their customers and the environment front of mind.

The problem we solved

Having hundreds of smaller customers is hard and it takes just as long to collect a $200 invoice as a $2,000 invoice.

Kombu Kombucha use PencilPay to make sure they don’t have to chase payments any more.

When they secure a new wholesale account, they use PencilPay to send a pre-filled account application to the customer, who enters their billing details and submits. This 30-second process get’s a stored payment method for every invoiced, which is billed 14-days after invoice.  

Chasing customers for payment was never something I enjoyed doing. Pencil not only automates this process, it handles credit applications, payments and has the ability to charge customers if they fail to make timely payments, which gives peace of mind. The Pencil team is great, they're always quick to provide assistance when needed.


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