PencilPay for Construction Suppliers: Accelerate & Secure Payments from Tradesmen and Builders

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficient payment processes are vital for the success of suppliers.

With PencilPay, construction suppliers can streamline their operations, speed up payment collections, and secure their trade accounts effectively.


Speeding Up Payment Collection:

Builders and tradespeople often have tight schedules, making prompt payment crucial for suppliers.

PencilPay facilitates faster payments by providing convenient digital payment options and automating billing processes.

Suppliers can ensure timely payments from tradesmen and builders, improving cash flow and reducing payment delays.


Verifying Trading Information:

Securing 30-day accounts requires accurate verification of trading information.

PencilPay simplifies this process by offering digital credit applications that enable suppliers to collect and verify directors and personal guarantees within minutes.

By automating this verification process, suppliers can minimize risks and establish trustworthy trading relationships.


Guaranteeing Payment Before Dispatch

Ensuring payment before dispatch is essential for protecting suppliers interests.

PencilPay allows suppliers to customize deposits and accept prepayments quickly and easily, without manual headaches.

By offering flexible payment options and automating payment verification, suppliers can enhance financial security and minimize the risk of unpaid invoices.


Auto-Billing for Seamless Transactions

Managing recurring payments can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

PencilPay provides a solution with auto-billing from bank accounts or credit cards, allowing suppliers to capture and store payment information securely.

By automating the billing process, suppliers can streamline transactions, reduce administrative burden, and improve efficiency.


PencilPay revolutionizes payment processes for construction suppliers, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize cash flow and enhance financial security.

By speeding up payment collections, verifying trading information, guaranteeing payment before dispatch, and enabling auto-billing for seamless transactions, PencilPay empowers suppliers to thrive in the competitive construction industry.

If you’re a construction supplier looking to streamline your payment processes and secure your accounts, explore PencilPay today for a more efficient and reliable payment solution.