PencilPay vs. Manual Onboarding: A Comparative Analysis for Wholesale Businesses

In the ever-evolving landscape of wholesale transactions, the onboarding process stands as a pivotal factor influencing the success and stability of a business.

This article dives into the comparison between the traditional manual onboarding methods and the revolutionary PencilPay platform, shedding light on how technology is reshaping the wholesale industry.


1: The Pains of Manual Onboarding

Manual onboarding processes involving paper forms, PDFs, and spreadsheets are time-consuming, prone to errors, and often lead to incomplete or inaccurate data entry.

This section delves into the challenges businesses face when relying on traditional onboarding methods.


2: The Speed and Precision of PencilPay

Highlighting the efficiency of PencilPay’s digital onboarding, this section explores how the platform streamlines the process.

From digital credit applications to automated verification, PencilPay ensures speed, accuracy, and completeness in onboarding new wholesale customers.


3: Flexibility in Deposit Handling

Discussing the limitations of manual deposit processing, this section emphasizes how PencilPay offers flexible deposit options, allowing businesses to set custom percentages based on their unique requirements.

The seamless integration with systems like Cin7 Core adds an extra layer of convenience.


4: Security and Trust in Transactions

The security concerns associated with manual methods, including the handling of sensitive payment information, are examined in this section.

PencilPay’s secure transaction process is spotlighted as a trustworthy alternative, instilling confidence in both businesses and customers.


5: Order Authorization

Exploring the delays and complexities in authorizing orders manually, this section showcases how PencilPay accelerates the process.

Once a deposit is received, businesses using PencilPay can promptly authorize orders, ensuring a smooth flow within systems like Cin7 Core.


6: Integration Ease with PencilPay

Highlighting the challenges of integrating manual onboarding with existing ERP systems, this section illustrates how PencilPay offers a swift and seamless integration process.

The ability to connect systems in under two minutes becomes a key advantage.



In the tug-of-war between manual onboarding and PencilPay’s innovative digital solutions, the latter emerges as a game-changer for wholesale businesses.

The article concludes by emphasizing the transformative impact of PencilPay on streamlining processes, reducing errors, and fostering a more efficient and secure wholesale environment.