PencilPay’s Collaboration with Cin7 Core Implementation Partners

When PencilPay decided to work with Implementation Partners as our main channel to market, we knew we had to build a meaningful value proposition.

Cin7 Core, an inventory management system, collaborates with various partners who act as consultants, implementing Cin7 Core and other apps within businesses as part of a larger tech stack. To ensure a successful partnership with these businesses, we needed to understand who they are and what drives them.

Understanding Cin7 Core Implementation Partners

Cin7 Core implementation partners are consulting businesses providing specialized implementation services to product sellers across various software platforms. They charge fees for these services, and their main commercial driver is new implementations and updates to previous implementations. Most new leads for implementations come from Cin7 Core, supplemented by the partners’ marketing efforts. 

Crafting a Value Proposition

In addition to PencilPay being fit for purpose for B2B sellers which was covered
in a recent article, building a valuable partnership program would be integral, so we focused on several key areas:

Customer Service & Support

We recognized that partners are busy selling their time, so it was crucial to alleviate some of their workload. We assigned a dedicated staff member to perform demos for their clients, as well as handle onboarding, training, and support. This approach helps time-poor partners by taking some of the stress off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Educational Support

We initiated a quarterly series called “Pencil Presents,” delivered alongside one partner at a time. Each session covers a different topic and serves as a valuable, current resource. The session is followed by an open Q&A discussion, fostering great engagement. Partners can invite all of their previous implementations as well as new ones, creating another touchpoint and adding value to their services.

Revenue Sharing

We established an ongoing revenue-sharing agreement, ensuring that partners benefit financially from the collaboration. This incentive aligns our goals with theirs, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.


By understanding the unique needs and drivers of Cin7 Core implementation partners, PencilPay has been able to create a simple and effective partner program. This program delivers value through dedicated support, educational resources, and financial incentives, ensuring a strong and lasting partnership.