Securing Tomorrow: Keeping a Payment Method on File

In the wake of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses, especially wholesalers, have undergone a paradigm shift in their operations.

A discernible trend has emerged, highlighting a strategic move among wholesalers to prioritize security and mitigate risks when onboarding new wholesale accounts.

This shift is marked by an increasing preference for requiring a payment method on file—a crucial step towards safeguarding business interests in an unpredictable landscape.


Navigating the Aftermath of COVID-19

The unprecedented disruptions caused by the global pandemic underscored the vulnerabilities in traditional business practices, especially concerning payment terms.

As businesses reevaluate their risk management strategies, wholesalers, in particular, are leaning towards more secure methods of conducting transactions.


The Trend Towards Payment on File

Risk Mitigation as the Driving Force:

Wholesalers, particularly those dealing with high volumes and average invoice sizes up to $2000, are acknowledging the inherent risks associated with traditional payment terms.

Requiring a payment method on file emerges as a proactive measure to mitigate these risks and ensure more predictable cash flow.

Protecting Against Payment Delays:

The aftermath of the pandemic has highlighted the financial strain on businesses.

Wholesalers, recognizing the importance of timely payments, are opting for solutions that protect against payment delays.

Storing payment information on file becomes a safeguard against potential disruptions.

Security and Trust Building:

Security is paramount in the digital age.

Wholesalers, by requiring payment on file, not only protect their financial interests but also build trust with their customers.

This transparent approach fosters stronger, more reliable relationships.


PencilPay: Empowering Wholesalers Post-COVID

As the trend toward requiring payment on file gains momentum, PencilPay emerges as the go-to solution for wholesalers seeking to revolutionize their onboarding processes and secure their financial transactions.

1. Automated Onboarding Simplified:

PencilPay offers wholesalers a streamlined, automated onboarding process. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming procedures. With PencilPay, wholesalers can effortlessly request and securely store payment details.

2. PCI-Compliant Security Measures:

Security is non-negotiable. PencilPay ensures compliance with PCI standards, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for stored payment information. Wholesalers can trust that sensitive data is handled with the utmost care.

3. Auto-Charge for Seamless Cash Flow:

In the dynamic post-pandemic business environment, cash flow is king. PencilPay empowers wholesalers by offering auto-charge capabilities, ensuring timely payments and eliminating the uncertainties associated with payment terms.


As wholesalers adapt to the evolving landscape, the choice to require payment on file stands as a strategic move towards financial security and operational efficiency.

PencilPay, with its innovative features and commitment to security, becomes the cornerstone of this transformative trend, providing wholesalers with the tools they need to thrive in the post-covid world.

Embrace the future of secure transactions with PencilPay and navigate the path to sustained success.