Standardising The Customer Onboarding Process in Wholesale

In the dynamic world of wholesale, many businesses still grapple with outdated and manual onboarding processes, hindering efficiency and paving the way for potential challenges down the line. 

This article explores the surprising absence of a standardized onboarding procedure in the wholesale sector and how PencilPay revolutionizes the customer onboarding experience.


Challenges in Traditional Onboarding

It’s a common scenario – wholesalers relying on paper or PDF credit applications, leading to a cumbersome process. 

Customers receive forms, fill them out manually, and return them through scanned documents.

The wholesaler, in turn, faces the arduous task of manually entering this data into their systems.

This not only creates unnecessary administrative burdens but also becomes a breeding ground for issues like late or missing payments.


The Impact on Business

The lack of a standardized onboarding process can have far-reaching consequences.

Labor-intensive tasks, such as chasing payments and handling administrative duties, consume valuable resources.

The absence of automation contributes to inefficiencies that affect the overall health of the business.


PencilPay’s Solution

Enter PencilPay – a solution designed to streamline and simplify the customer onboarding process for wholesalers.

By offering a standardized approach, PencilPay eradicates the need for paper-based applications and manual data entry.

Let’s delve into how PencilPay addresses key challenges:

Digital Credit Applications:
PencilPay enables wholesalers to create digital credit applications, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. Customers can seamlessly fill in details online, expediting the onboarding process.

Automated Data Entry:
Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past with PencilPay. The system automates the input of customer information, reducing the risk of errors and saving significant time for wholesalers.

Efficient Onboarding:
With PencilPay’s standardized process, onboarding becomes a swift and efficient operation. Wholesalers can transition from traditional time-consuming methods to a streamlined, automated approach.

Payment Security:
PencilPay goes beyond simplifying onboarding; it ensures the security of payment details. Wholesalers can store payment information securely, mitigating risks associated with late or non-payments.



In a landscape where every aspect of business demands efficiency, PencilPay emerges as a catalyst for change.

By standardising the customer onboarding process, not only addresses the surprising absence of such practices in the wholesale sector but also empowers businesses to thrive in a modern, automated era.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and welcome the seamless, secure, and efficient onboarding experience with PencilPay.