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Stomping Ground


Stomping Ground are an award winning Independent Craft Brewery. They operate a public beer hall as well as wholesaling to licensed venues and bottle shops.

Why we love it

These guys are a stalwart of  Independent Breweries, recently cleaning up at the Indies; the main craft brewery awards in Australia. 

The problem we solved

As a large independent brewery, Stomping Ground have a large customer base of hospitality venues, independent and corporate bottle-shops and supermarkets.

Prior to using PencilPay, Stomping Ground signed up customers with a separate credit application and direct debit form. This led to the accounts team having to manually input customer information into Xero and Unleashed and separately create a file for the weeks direct debits.

Why PencilPay

PencilPay was implemented to streamline new and existing customer on-boarding, manage credit risk, automate accounts receivable, process payments and reconcile accounts.

Stomping Ground wanted to consolidate all credit card and direct debit payments into one system to save time, streamline processes and make reconciliation easier.After using PencilPay, Stomping Ground are now saving hours each week and are seeing more customers pay on time each invoice cycle.

New & existing customers now register their account and apply for credit online, saving their payment method in PencilPay for auto-billing or paying direct from e-invoices, while Stomping Ground can review credit apps, manage approvals and store contracts.

Data auto-populates Xero and Unleashed Inventory and Directors and their companies are credit checked. The application, review, check and approval takes 2-3 minutes, instead of 2-3 days.


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