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5 Steps To Help SMEs Manage Credit Risk

July 26, 2021Cash Flow , Late Payments

In industries, such as wholesale and distribution, credit is seen as a necessity when doing business. Credit offers you a way to sell more to your customers and grow faster. However, sending out goods before receiving payment has it’s risks. It leaves you open to late payments, and in some cases, no payment at all. …

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The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices

July 16, 2021Cash Flow , Invoicing

The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices Reconciling your customers invoices is an important step in your accounting process. Not paying proper attention to this can not only cost your business revenue, but also affect the relationship of those you do business with. Shockingly, a large number of small businesses and SMEs skip this step. Whether …

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The Impact Of Supplier Hopping

April 26, 2021Cash Flow

The impact of supplier hopping When buyers purchase goods on trade accounts there is always a risk that buyers will take their stock and run. This is called supplier hopping. The way it works is: A buyer signs up with a supplier and orders some stock on credit. The stock is delivered and an invoice …

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Can you locate your credit applications?

April 21, 2021Cash Flow

Can you locate your credit applications? Does this sound like you? You give your customers payment terms or trade credit. Part of the process is for a buyer to complete a credit application. Your credit application is in PDF or paper form. You send it off to new buyers in the hope that it will …

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5 Rules To Help Manage Your Small Business Cash Flow

October 2, 2019Cash Flow

5 rules to help manage your small business cash flow “Cash is king” is an overused expression, but it is a saying that is true and vital to a small business’s survival. One of the main reasons why small businesses fail is due to the poor management of cash flow. So here we have listed …

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