5 ways to improve your B2B Relationships

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships

May 4, 2022Cash Flow , Invoicing

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships Business-to-business relationships often require good faith arrangements. Due to a lack of up-front funds, suppliers like you must extend trade credit to maintain B2B partnerships. However, when you enter into trade credit agreements, you place yourself in a vulnerable position. With too few regulations and security measures, these …

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12 business benefits of using B2B Tech

12 Business Benefits of Using B2B Technology

March 30, 2022Cash Flow

Companies in the business-to-business space have historically been slower to embrace new technologies than companies in other sectors. Embracing new B2B technology can give you a competitive edge and improve almost every aspect of your business. Benefits of Using B2B Technology By implementing B2B technology into your business, you may see a number of advantages. …

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Simplify your trade credit approval process

Simplify Your Trade Credit Approval Process

March 22, 2022Cash Flow

Trade credit is the lifeline of SMEs in Australia. In fact, businesses of all sizes rely on commercial credit. It ensures that they have the resources to meet clients’ needs, whether they have enough liquid assets or not. However, the businesses supplying this B2B credit take on high levels of risk. Over the years, financial …

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A Beginner Guide to Accounts Receivable

A Beginner’s Guide to Accounts Receivable

January 11, 2022Cash Flow , Late Payments

Some industries, such as retail and food service, operate primarily on a payment at the time of service basis. However, most business-to-business transactions are made on credit. This means goods or services are delivered before payment is received. Accounts receivable is how businesses track the money that is owed to them for goods or services …

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Taking customer deposits on DEAR Systems

Taking customer deposits on DEAR Systems

November 26, 2021Cash Flow , Partners

In 2021, DEAR Systems made significant updates to its platform. Their core product is better, faster and has built unique ways for products sellers to grow. An area where functionality has expanded has been payments, having launched  DEAR payments in addition to partnering with 5 other payment services providers. These payment providers process credit card transactions …

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Man sorting through his inventory stock levels.

How Inventory Management Affects Cash Flow

September 1, 2021Cash Flow , Inventory

Cash flow is key to the success of every business. Poor inventory management can negatively affect your cash flow, the overall productivity of your business, and your bottom line. But if you’re a growing company, you may not realise just how much a solid inventory management system can improve your cash flow.   How cloud …

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