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5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships

May 4, 2022Cash Flow , Invoicing

5 Ways To Improve Your B2B Relationships Business-to-business relationships often require good faith arrangements. Due to a lack of up-front funds, suppliers like you must extend trade credit to maintain B2B partnerships. However, when you enter into trade credit agreements, you place yourself in a vulnerable position. With too few regulations and security measures, these …

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Forget Unpaid Invoices: How To Prevent and Solve an Overdue Invoice

March 15, 2022Invoicing , Late Payments

In Australia, small to medium-sized enterprises provide about $1.3 trillion in business-to-business credit. Trade credit allows consumers to access goods and services that they may be unable to under other circumstances. While trade credit is standard practice, suppliers often deal with a time-consuming and outdated process. Unfortunately, without innovation, your company is more likely to …

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How To Price Products for Wholesale

August 6, 2021Cash Flow , Invoicing

It’s an exciting time when you are finally ready to launch your new product. But the question is, how much do you sell your product for? This might seem like an easy question to answer. But if your pricing is off, potential customers could view you as a cheaper, less desirable product or as something …

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The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices

July 16, 2021Cash Flow , Invoicing

The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices Reconciling your customers invoices is an important step in your accounting process. Not paying proper attention to this can not only cost your business revenue, but also affect the relationship of those you do business with. Shockingly, a large number of small businesses and SMEs skip this step. Whether …

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