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Man reviewing his credit applications on paper.

Do Credit Agreements Mean Anything?

March 22, 2021Late Payments

Does the following sound like you? Your credit agreements have evolved over time from a word doc to a PDF that needs to be printed off, filled in, signed and scanned back. Your customers are still printing, filling-in, signing, scanning and sending back incomplete credit apps. Missing information is just part of the process. If …

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A freelancer invoicing a customer.

5 Ways For Freelancers To Get Their Invoices Paid On Time

January 13, 2020Invoicing , Late Payments

Managing your cash flow as a freelancer can be a difficult task. When clients are late with payments and invoices are ignored this can really have a negative impact on your lifestyle and stress levels. Freelancers are constantly having trouble collecting payments from their client’s but this unneeded stress can be dealt with quite easily …

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Paperwork showing a high credit score of 890.

Most Business Owners Fail To Check Their Credit Health

November 27, 2019Late Payments

For business owners who are looking to obtain a loan for their small businesses, checking your business credit score is a critical step in this process. Here is why. When you apply for a business loan, the lenders take a number of different factors into consideration, this most likely will include your business credit score. …

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A man holding cash in his hand.

Client Not Paying Your Invoice? Here’s What To Do.

October 21, 2019Late Payments

Collecting payment on a job/project you have worked on can be a difficult task at times. However, most of the time these delays happen because of simple misunderstandings and poor communication. A quick phone call can clear these things up. Although sometimes a phone call isn’t enough. Here is what you can do to get …

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An invoice being stamped with a past due notice.

How To Deal With Late Payments

October 7, 2019Late Payments

Dealing with late payments and unpaid invoices is one of the most common problems business owners face day-to-day. Late payments to small businesses negatively affect their operations. They have staff to pay, equipment cost to cover and various other bills. If paid late, the demand for these costs can close a business down if they …

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A wholesaler sitting in his warehouse full of construction supplies.

How Wholesalers Can Get Paid On Time

September 30, 2019Late Payments

Businesses are slowly getting better at paying on time, but sadly for wholesale distributors, this is far from the truth. Wholesalers are still suffering from the late paying habits of their retail customers. According to Xero’s recent study, the retail sector remains the slowest payment times, paying bills an average of 23 days late. This, …

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An invoice with a stamp to confirm payment.

How To Get Your Invoices Paid On Time

September 2, 2019Late Payments

We all know that sales are what keeps us in business, but if we don’t receive the money we are owed, sales won’t achieve anything for us. According to ASIC statistics, having bad cash-flow is why most companies fail. To give you an precise figure, a survey undertaken by Xero showed that if invoices went …

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