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3 Ways To Reduce Risk When Supplying Goods On Terms

April 12, 2022Late Payments

If your business is a small- to mid-size Australian supplier, you likely have specific questions about trade credit risk. It is common practice in business-to-business relationships to provide trade credit, but this mode of operation may put the supplier at a disadvantage. Will the buyer honour the B2B relationship and pay on time, or will …

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Forget Unpaid Invoices: How To Prevent and Solve an Overdue Invoice

March 15, 2022Invoicing , Late Payments

In Australia, small to medium-sized enterprises provide about $1.3 trillion in business-to-business credit. Trade credit allows consumers to access goods and services that they may be unable to under other circumstances. While trade credit is standard practice, suppliers often deal with a time-consuming and outdated process. Unfortunately, without innovation, your company is more likely to …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Accounts Receivable

January 11, 2022Cash Flow , Late Payments

Some industries, such as retail and food service, operate primarily on a payment at the time of service basis. However, most business-to-business transactions are made on credit. This means goods or services are delivered before payment is received. Accounts receivable is how businesses track the money that is owed to them for goods or services …

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