A vineyard growing grapes for a wine distributor.

Government Intervention in Wine Production

October 24, 2019Media , Wine Merchants

Do you want the government controlling your business dealings? Stemming from an 18-month investigation, the ACCC has now published their findings into quality & payment issues regarding grape and wine producers. Wine Making & Testing Methods There is a recommendation that all winemakers must follow the same methods for testing and sampling their grapes and …

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An invoice being stamped with a past due notice.

How To Deal With Late Payments

October 7, 2019Late Payments

Dealing with late payments and unpaid invoices is one of the most common problems business owners face day-to-day. Late payments to small businesses negatively affect their operations. They have staff to pay, equipment costs to cover, and various other bills. If paid late, the demand for these costs can close a business down if they …

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A wholesaler sitting in his warehouse full of construction supplies.

How Wholesalers Can Get Paid On Time

September 30, 2019Late Payments

Businesses are slowly getting better at paying on time, but sadly for wholesale distributors, this is far from the truth. Wholesalers are still suffering from the late-paying habits of their retail customers. According to Xero’s recent study, the retail sector remains the slowest payment times, paying bills an average of 23 days late. This, of …

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A woman calculating her invoice costs for her small business.

8 Common Invoicing Mistakes

September 23, 2019Invoicing

Sending invoices to your customers is obviously a very important step in receiving payment. But you would be surprised to learn that many business owners have a poorly constructed invoicing system and mistakes are made constantly. These small invoicing mistakes can lead to larger problems for your business, such as dealing with late payments. We all know that reoccurring …

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