How to Manage your Supply Chain Risk

July 19, 2021Cash Flow

Reviewing your supply chain risk has become one of the most important tasks to tackle in recent times due to the pandemic. Supply chain disturbances have been a common occurrence lately due to the shutdown of borders and lockdowns. This has left many businesses vulnerable and has caused a large loss of revenue for those …

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The Best Way to Reconcile Invoices

July 16, 2021Cash Flow , Invoicing

Reconciling your customers invoices is an important step in your accounting process. Not paying proper attention to this can not only cost your business revenue but also affect the relationship of those you do business with. Shockingly, a large number of small businesses and SMEs skip this step. Whether you don’t understand the importance of …

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How to Build Better Business Relationships

July 9, 2021Cash Flow , Partners

Building business relationships is a skill that successful business people need to have. The e-commerce revolution over the last 10 years has altered the way B2C relationships are built, with drip campaigns, EDM and SMS blasts replacing human interaction. B2B is different. The relationship is built over time and trust is gained with honesty and …

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Sale Of The Brewery

July 6, 2021Uncategorized

So you’ve been testing, trialling, making and selling your beer for years, sometimes decades. With countless hours in loud, cold rooms surrounded by steel vats, sometimes you might wonder “what’s it’s all for?” This article is intended to help you think about the pro’s and con’s of selling your Craft Brewery or Distillery for the …

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Company directors working in the office.

Director IDs: Will this end phoenix activity?

June 25, 2021Cash Flow , Late Payments

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will be rolling out Director Identification Numbers (DINs) in 2021. The introduction of DINs is to help address illegal phoenix activity and help protect businesses from being affected by the damage it causes.   The Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) is now beginning to test the new platform with a controlled …

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supplier hopping blog image

The Impact Of Supplier Hopping

April 26, 2021Cash Flow

When buyers purchase goods on trade accounts there is always a risk that buyers will take their stock and run. This is called supplier hopping. The way it works is: A buyer signs up with a supplier and orders some stock on credit. The stock is delivered and an invoice is raised. The buyer ignores …

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Can you locate your credit application blog image.

Can you locate your credit applications?

April 21, 2021Cash Flow

Can you locate your credit applications? Does this sound like you? You give your customers payment terms or trade credit. Part of the process is for a buyer to complete a credit application. Your credit application is in PDF or paper form. You send it off to new buyers in the hope that it will …

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