Independant brewers association and PencilPay

PencilPay joins the IBA

November 23, 2021Breweries , Media

Melbourne, Victoria: Fast-growing software start-up PencilPay today announced that they are the newest Associate Member of the Independent Brewers Association. This membership will assist PencilPay to create a link to government agencies, industry, trade and international counterparts to represent the interests of Australian independent brewers. Tim Demetriou, CEO of PencilPay commented that: “Working with 15 …

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How To Price Your Wholesale Products

September 10, 2021Inventory

It’s an exciting time when you get to finally launch your new product. A common question new products ask themselves is, “how much do I sell my product for?” This might seem like an easy question to answer. But if your pricing is off, potential customers could view you as a cheaper, less desirable product …

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Man sorting through his inventory stock levels.

How Inventory Management Affects Cash Flow

September 1, 2021Cash Flow , Inventory

Cash flow is key to the success of every business. Poor inventory management can negatively affect your cash flow, the overall productivity of your business, and your bottom line. But if you’re a growing company, you may not realise just how much a solid inventory management system can improve your cash flow.   How cloud …

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Tips For Improving Debtor Management

August 20, 2021Uncategorized

Proper management of your debtors is essential. A well-managed pool of debtors will see debts paid faster and lessen the build-up of bad debt in your business. Without proper management, you can expect some of your customers to become large burdens on your cash flow. But management of your credit can be tough – as …

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